Wednesday, July 29, 2009

8th Day - Wednesday, July 29th - Departure

This morning was our final day. Everyone quickly finished packing and cleaning up. We had one last breakfast from our wonderful cook, Filomena. Bags were to be ready by 8:00 am, so that we could say goodbye to the kids before our bus was supposed to arrive at 9:00 am.

It goes without saying, that this was a very sad time. Even though our time at the orphanage was relatively short. Most of had made some very strong attachments to the kids, and it was very difficult to say goodbye. We were all trying to take in the moment and trying to get in one more hug before the bus arrived. It was very sad especially knowing that some of the children have been there for a long time, and desperately want to be adopted. It is our prayer that God will find them a forever family.

I think everyone would agree that our first mission trip to Hogar de Esperanza was a phenomenal success. And my guess is that...

...We'll be back!

¡Que Dios los Bendiga!

7th Day - Tuesday, July 28th - Our final work day

Our final workday saw the carport team out the door early, anxious to get as much done on the project as possible. The goal: to get the framing done for the roof. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Our last day of VBS featured lots of singing, a final appearance by Juan and his buddies, and a discussion about how God made each one of us unique. Using photos taken of the kids throughout the week, the kids framed and decorated their pictures.

After VBS, the mission team put on a carnival for the kids, featuring a variety of "stations" including 3-legged races, relay, frisbee toss, "fishing for stickers, and other games with great prizes for each (thanks to donations from Windsor Roaders)! The kids' faces beamed as they added new prizes to their bag of treats!

Afternoon activities included: completion of the carport (the framing, that is); the opportunity to purchase jewelry made by the kids (the money goes into their personal bank account for when it is time for them to leave at the age of 18), painting the hallway; and extra time with the kids since it was their independence day which meant a day off of homework.

I continued work on the orphanage internet with a little bit of stress to get everything functional by the end of the day. Thankfully, everything was reconfigured by dinner time, and most importantly, working!

We finished the day with worship and packing.

Some other things I may have failed to mention that were done during the week:
- Corinne Kohler gave medical instruction to the madres
- Photos were taken by our team photographer, Karyl Wackerlin, some of which will go for fund raising purposes, and other will appear on the orphanage web site at
- 3 new laptops were set up and donated to the orphanage
- Thanks to Shannon Hunt and Cherilyn Larsen, each night we spent time worshiping with songs, putting the day in perspective through our daily devotionals, and encouraging each other individually.