Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Big Send Off - 1 More Day To Go- July 19th

Windsor Road Christian Church prays over the Peru Mission Team during the morning services.

On Sunday night the Peru Team got together for dinner with all of their families. With 25 people on our team, this was our first time we were all able to meet together all at the same time.

Ok, what's a team picture without one goofy shot.

We brought in our large bags for a weigh in. Here Jordan is packing some last minute donations.


I think he'll fit in that bag...
Actually, this bag contains 4 sandboards. The orphanage is in the dessert and is surround by some wonderful sand dunes. These are a gift to the children of the orphanage, and maybe they'll let take a turn. :)

Jordan and I packing more donations, trying to shove as much in as we can fit.

The team gives Andrew Miller bags for weighing. Loren is supervising.

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