Saturday, July 25, 2009

3rd Day - Friday, July 24th

It was another busy day for the Peru missions team! The car port crew mixed and hauled wheelbarrows full of cement to hold in the support posts...then celebrated, after waiting hours for a new load of cement, when the truck pulled in with a new supply. New screens were installed on the building and trash was picked up all around the perimeter. The playground was weeded, and rocks were removed from the grassy area. Many of us helped re-paint the fountain/pool, and the tie-dye shirts were washed and hung to dry. Bathroom walls were scrubbed, and painted; and a trip was made to the Peruvian Lowe's for supplies, including brand new ladders (thanks to Katie, who is doing quite well after riding her extension ladder to the floor the other day. Way to go, Katie!). One of the highlights of the day was the Fiestas Patrious - an independence celebration at the orphanage, featuring local foods, and kids dressed up in native costumes. The day ended with a special showing of the movie Bolt, in Spanish of course, but with English subtitles.

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