Wednesday, July 29, 2009

6th Day - Monday, July 27th

After going to church and having some play time on Sunday, the group woke up ready to get back to work! The carport crew continued their project, working alongside the Peruvians and orphanage volunteers.

In VBS, we talked about how God changes lives, and demonstrated that to the kids by using magic. The kids were treated to another visit from Juan, the puppet, a fun art project, and lots of singing.

After noon activities included: scrubbing the walls in the kitchen and hallway; carport construction; replacing more screens; picking up garbage; sandboarding with the girls; working on the tie-dye shirts; and a trip to the market (which was quite an experience for 8 of our team members!).

One of the side projects I was tasked with was to fix the wiring for their internet. The cabling was quite a bit of spaghetti, and had been attached incorrectly. Also they had 3 wireless routers (1 for upstairs, 1 for the office, and 1 for the library), a DSL router and Voice over IP (VOIP) router all configured in correctly. This was causing connection to drop frequently. So, I spent most of the afternoon and evening on this project.

At 4 p.m., the team was honored at a farewell celebration (despedida) put on by the orphanage, featuring skits and songs by the kids, and a performance of Peruvian dances by two young students. The group was presented with a Trujillo clock to commemorate our work at the orphanage.

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